nicknames and kisses and sleeping together i’m literally here for all of this

my otp for life this is a good thing 


i can’t even

ive always had a crush kindof on poison ivy and my name is harley SOOOO

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Ubisoft releases Child of Light gameplay footage – new concept art

Ubisoft has delivered some eye-catching gameplay footage along with new concept art for their enchanting fairytale RPG, Child of Light.

View the gameplay clip here.

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Poison Ivy: Karinna Atlee
Harley Quinn: Magenta Costley
Photographer: Grant Beecher  

(Source: silk-jupiter)

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The Elder Scrolls Online - “The Siege”

Tamriel faces annihilation. Molag Bal has claimed the Imperial City while the alliances, locked in a bitter conflict with one another, struggle to seize the Ruby Throne from the clutches of Oblivion. The latest chapter in our cinematic series takes you to the ravaged battlefield of Cyrodiil. 

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In honor of the 6th season of Face Off that premieres on January 14, 2014, I decided to make a list of my top 10 favorite makeups from the five seasons. Unfortunately, season 1 didn’t have any photos of the makeups so I couldn’t include anything from that season.

  1. Tate & Miranda - S5E3 “Getting Goosed” - Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
  2. Matt - S2E8 ”Burtonesque” - Ice Cream Man
  3. Matt & Tara - S2E2 ”Water World” - Lyretail fairy basslet
  4. Nicole - S3E11 ”Immortal Enemies” - Water Theme
  5. Laura - S5E9 ”Mortal Sins” - Wrath
  6. House - S4E4 ”Eye Candy” - Sweet Tooth Suzy
  7. Nicole - S3E9 ”Junkyard Cyborg” - Princess from another planet
  8. Rayce - S2E8 ”Burtonesque - Cellist
  9. Frank - S5E4 - ”Subterranean Terror” - Chains & Electrical Panel
  10. Alam & Anthony - S4E3 ”When Hell Freezes Over” - Demus demon

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Batman Arkham Knight: debut screenshots leak

A few new screenshots for Batman: Arkham Knight have surfaced, providing fans with a first look at some familiar Batman icons.

Check out the announcement trailer here.

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